A few points to consider for those who will attend:

  1. Registration will close once the lecture has started.
  2. The scientific committee will not entertain late comers. Late comers (even with pre-registration) shall not be permitted to be registered.
  3. Burjeel CME Committee reserves the right to cancel registration and to not issues certificate if the participant is unable to conform with the procedures.
    This is applicable to participants who:
  • a. Registered (signed) but who did not attend the activity
  • b. Leaves the program even if activity is still ongoing
Please note that the program has a specific Target Audience thus all requests are filtered. Open to non-Burjeel target audience:
  • Community Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Family Medicine
  • General Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Medical Practitioner
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
SLOTS are very limited.  
Confirmed delegates who are part of the Target Audience will receive a Registration ID Number before the Event. 
Confirmation of your registration request will be emailed by the respective CME Coordinator.
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Burjeel CME Program - December 25, 2017 25 th Dec Burjeel Hospital Auditorium, Abu Dhabi, UAE Free