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10th Abu Dhabi International Conference in Dermatology and Aesthetics

We are delighted to extend our esteemed invitation to the "10th Abu Dhabi International Conference in Dermatology and Aesthetics," scheduled to take place physically from the 24th to the 25th of May 2024 at Conrad at Etihad Towers Hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The conference on the 26th of May will be conducted virtually.
With immense pride, we reflect upon the success of our previous gatherings, which have played a vital role in strengthening and advancing our field as a significant component of healthcare. Dermatology and Aesthetics encompass a multifaceted and dynamic discipline that is highly receptive to research and development. Consequently, it necessitates regular assessments and updates. AIDA Conference has emerged as a renowned platform within the region, attracting dermatology and aesthetic medicine professionals and offering a wealth of inspiration, empowering experiences, and innovative ideas in the field of dermatology within the healthcare industry in the UAE, the Middle East, and beyond.