2020 Film Fest Award

In order to promote and encourage high-standard of clinical practice, we cordially invite professionals in infection control to apply for the “Best Film Presentation Award
All entrants in the 2020 ICPCI Film Festival agree to comply unconditionally with all of the provisions set out in these Rules and Guidelines. Any entrant who does not agree, fully or partly, with any provisions of the Rules and Guidelines, will be considered ineligible for participation. The committee shall have the right, but not the obligation, to monitor the 2020 ICPCI Film Festival and determine compliance with these Rules and Guidelines, and the right at its sole discretion to refuse and remove any film, in whole or in part, that, it finds to be in violation of these Rules and Guidelines or otherwise unlawful and objectionable.
ELIGIBILITY: The 2020 ICPCI Film Festival is open to all eligible candidates. There is no entry fee. All healthcare professional from different business entities, regardless if SEHA or NON-SEHA are eligible to participate. Multiple submissions from the same entrant in accordance with the Rules and Guidelines are acceptable; however, the same film cannot be submitted separately by multiple entrants. Moreover, previous videos submitted cannot be resubmitted again.
JUDGES AND JUDGING CRITERIA: There are 2 ways to win this competition
  • People's Choice Award - the film entry with most number of likes will receive this award
  • Critic's Choice Award - the film entry with the highest ranking based on the evaluation done by selected judges 
Submit Your Film Fest Entry
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