Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this educational activity, participants will be able to:
  • Review the latest evidence and best practices for the management and treatment of different issues related to old aged and adults with mental health disorders.
  • Describe fundamentals of quality improvement strategies for mental illness 
  • Evaluate and diagnose a selected group of common mental disorders using the most updated evidence based tools and apply it appropriately to fit regional special needs. 
  • Review practical real-life cases and pitfalls in various sub-specialties.
  • Examine solutions to real-world clinical problems through case-based learning sessions
  • Review current treatment guidelines and how to utilize them in clinical practice.
  • Provide insight into patient needs and experiences and improve clinical practice.
  • Apply new knowledge in the diagnostic and therapeutic modalities presented in selected topics
  • Formulate an appropriate approach that is suitable for local experiences in some of the controversial issues in adults and old aged with mental health disorders
  • Perform hands-on workshops given by world-leading experts and tutors in Mental Health Disorders




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