Learning Objectives

  • Appraise the latest updates of patient blood management within obstetric anaesthesia.
  • Assess the latest updates within the field of fertility medicine.
  • Critique the role of COVID-19 within high-risk obstetrics.
  • Describe recurrent miscarriage and pregnancy loss.
  • Discuss the role of chronic diseases and acute events within the field of obstetric medicine.
  • Examine the latest trends in aesthetic gynaecology.
  • Explain the latest management of a range of gynaecological and uro-gynaecological conditions.  
  • Explore the latest trends within the field of fetal medicine.
  • Explore the latest updates within midwifery and the positive childbirth experience.
  • Review the latest anti-microbial stewardship guidance.
  • Summarise advances of management within neonatology.