Certification in Medical Quality

  • Date: 21 November, 2020
  • Venue: Al Ain University, Abu Dhabi Branch-Campus, Ground Floor Level, Computer Testing Center, Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Exam Center Location Guide: Click Here
  • Format: Computer-based, multiple choice question (100 questions)
  • Duration: 2 Hours, multiple choice question examination

On the day of the examination, please do not forget to bring with you these following documents: ***Without these documents, you cannot participate in the examination.
  1. Copy of your payment receipt (printed or screenshot is acceptable)
  2. 2 Forms of Identification card /ID (Emirates ID & Employee ID)
  3. Copy of your ABMQ username and password (required to log-in the exam portal)

Here are the guidelines / protocols that you need to follow at the admission area:
  1. Please be at the examination center 30 minutes before the time. Late candidates will not be allowed to enter the examination area and take the exam.
  2. Electronic admission systems include electronic Signature and Electronic Photo that will be taken and matched with the Candidate 2 Official IDs with Picture on and one with signature on (Passport, Emirates ID, etc.)
  3. After that the applicant put all their personal belongings in a locker (mobile phone, watch wallet etc.) No items should be with them as they enter the examination room.
  4. Candidates will be oriented briefly on what to do when they get to the exam room, focus on maintaining a quiet environment, only raise their hands quietly and the proctor will come to answer any query quietly.   
  5. The Candidate will be checked before getting into the exam room where he/she will be assigned to a computer, click on his name then start, the exam will be loaded and instruction for managing the exams comes in 5 slides then exam starts with an electronic timer and electronic calculator.  
  6. All Candidate settings in the Exam room are individually monitored by Cameras that record all movement done by the applicant and all are displayed on a 55- inch Colored Screen that is continually observed by the proctors. 
  7. As the exam ended, the candidate will leave the exam room to the admission area where he/she will take all of their personal belongings from the locker, and leave the center with a printed paper that instructed him on how to access their results.