frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I apply for the exam?
  • Apply online through this link
  • Kindly wait for the notification email from ABMQ before proceeding with the payment
I am a nurse / allied health / non-doctor professional, am I eligible to take the exam?
  • There is an eligibility criterion in place for registered nurses and allied health professionals.
  • If you do not fit the criteria above, you may submit a written statement, to be reviewed by the Exam Committee; showing proof of (1) training or participation in healthcare quality improvement educational activities, or (2) expertise in quality management, measurement, assessment and improvement, or (3) full membership and participation in the American College of Medical Quality.  Applicants will be contacted once a determination has been made (
How long will it take for the reviewers to accept my application?
  • Acceptance of application will vary depending on the reviewer. Just make sure that you have uploaded all the necessary requirements (certificates) that supports your candidacy
  • We suggest to check your registered email from time-to-time for any notification email from ABMQ / Testrac. Also, you may login to the portal with your username & password and check for any notification messages
Do you have any books that can help me study for the exams?
  • Here are some of the study materials that you can use as per the ABMQ suggested materials. Kindly be advised that there are no bundles/packages for these books. You need to acquire them at your own.
    • The ACMQ textbook Medical Quality Management: Theory and Practice, 3rd Edition 2021
    • Introduction to Health Care Quality: Theory, Methods, and Tools. Dlugacz Y, 2016
    • The Health Care Quality Book: Vision, Strategy and Tools, 3rd Edition. Nash D et al, 2014
    • The Quality Handbook for Health Care Organizations. Dlugacz Y et al, 2004
I want to do a re-certification; how can I apply?
  • Apply online through this link
  • Kindly note that you need to create an account for the portal and check/tick the mark recertification in order for the reviewer to be notified that you are for recertification.
I proceeded with the payment before receiving the notification of acceptance from ABMQ, what should I do?
  • Kindly note that payments are non-refundable, that is why we always reiterate the statement “Kindly wait for the notification email from ABMQ before proceeding with the payment”. If ABMQ will reject your application, you won’t be able to retrieve the amount you paid form. However, if ABMQ approves your application, then all you need to do is to study for the exams.