Learning Objectives

  • Increase knowledge in bone marrow transplant in pediatrics.
  • Deepen understanding of advanced topics in bone marrow transplant.
  • Address the unmet need for greater understanding of and the screening for long-term complications in the growing population of survivors of transplantation for nonmalignant disorders
  • Acquire new skills to apply learnings to practice
  • Improve care of pediatric BMT patients
  • Provide additional source of ongoing education for Advanced practice providers
  • Provide the tools for a successful bone marrow transplant and immune effector cellular therapy in an educational setting.
  • Offer an in-depth exposure to multidisciplinary approaches to hematological malignancies and multi-modal management strategies.
  • Provide exposure and training in BMT/IEC
  • Discuss updates in research in the field of hematologic malignancies, BMT, and/or cellular therapy.
  • Allow the opportunity to improve medical knowledge, and overall subspecialty competence related to the areas of bone marrow transplant.






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