HE 4 in Ovarian Cancer Management:
Introduction: Clinical diagnosis of ovarian cancer is often very difficult and is associated with a high rate of misdiagnosis. It is Particularly challenging in asymptomatic patients and even in symptomatic patients, the final diagnosis can take up to 6 months.
An ideal cancer biomarker is:
  • Able to discriminate between malignant and benign conditions with a high sensitivity and specificity
  • Detectable in easily obtainable samples.
  • Measurable by robust and precise assays providing reliable clinical decision support for physicians.
Many studies confirmed:
  • HE 4 is highly expressed in Ovarian Cancer.
  • HE 4 is involved in in Ovarian Cancer cell proliferation & invasion.
  • HE 4 help to identify patients in early ovarian cancer.
  • HE4 Complements CA 125 in identifying patient with disease progression. 
  • Patients with high HE 4 have poorer prognosis.
HE 4 play an important role in Ovarian Cancer Management