Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the scientific Committee, it gives us immense pleasure to announce and cordially invite you all for the upcoming “Abu Dhabi Annual International Conference on Vitamin D Deficiency and Human Health” to be held on September 17-18, 2020 It will be Virtual Conference (Abu Dhabi, UAE).

For the past seven years, this conference has been the principal forum on the latest innovations in early detection, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency. Over a hundred world- class renowned speakers, leading vitamin D experts and scientists have participated and engaged in discussions on new approaches in the fight against Vitamin D Deficiency and its impact on human health throughout the life cycle.

The congress continues to be a global platform with an interdisciplinary approach, with special lectures, debates and expert review and interactive discussions to explore the innovative and exciting developments in the management and treatment of “Vitamin D Deficiency”, with potentially hundred different diseases with wide-ranging characteristics that require extensive and diverse management.

The program emphasizes on the theme “Exploring New Dimension of Vitamin D & its Impact on Human Health” to highlight the importance of multidisciplinary approach that have resulted in significant improvements. The conference will also highlight issues and challenges in clinical trials and research studies that provide critical information for physicians when deciding the best outcomes for patients with Vitamin D Deficiency.

To make this a complete scientific experience, great care is being taken to design a comprehensive program tackling all the potential adverse health consequences of Vitamin D Deficiency and its impact on human health throughout the life cycle in consultation with a world-renowned faculty from the field.

The key areas that will be covered in this conference include the impact of vitamin D deficiency in autoimmune processes, role of vitamin D in human health, vitamin D in bone health and osteoporosis, vitamin D in genetic diseases and cancer, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, metabolic syndrome, neurological disorders, memory, and pregnancy, vitamin D testing, supplementation, fortification and toxicity, vitamin d in neonates, children and adolescence, vitamin D in respiratory infections, vitamin D and skin diseases and many more .

Moreover, the meeting will offer a superb opportunity for physicians, medical specialists and all healthcare professionals to attend expert updates and to share and exchange best practices, knowledge and experiences in order to create and strengthen the awareness and collaborations among the national and international academic and clinical professionals.
This year’s event anticipates more than 800 participants around the region with thought provoking keynote lectures, updates of multiple topics, plenary sessions, oral presentations, poster presentations and expert review and discussion on the hottest topics pertaining to Vitamin D Deficiency Consequences on Health.
We are certain that your participation and presence in the conference will significantly contribute to the success of this important meeting.

We look forward to welcome you in Abu Dhabi on 17-18 September 2020, 2020

Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil
Conference President
Managing Director, VPS Healthcare
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Dr. Yassin El Shahat
Conference Chairman
Consultant - Nephrology /
Chief Medical Officer, Burjeel Hospital
Abu Dhabi, UAE