Scientific Highlights

  •     Psychopharmacology in Bipolar Disorders
  •     Neurobiological aspects in Bipolar Disorders
  •     Psychopharmacology in major Depressive Disorders
  •     Neurobiological aspects in major Depressive Disorders
  •     Psychopharmacology in Schizophrenia
  •     Neurobiological aspects in Schizophrenia
  •     Current rehabilitation services and models of rehabilitation
  •     Cognitive remediation/ rehabilitation  
  •     Research in rehabilitation  
  •     Incorporation of rehabilitation training in current education system
  •     Gender specific rehabilitation services  
  •     Service utilization among homeless and destitute  
  •     Barriers in service utilization  
  •     Stigma  
  •     Role of NGO in rehabilitation  
  •     Rehabilitation in special population
  •     Psychosocial interventions
  •     Economics and social cost
  •     Role of families in psychosocial rehabilitation  
  •     Human rights and special privileges  
  •     Policies and advocacy  
  •     Psychotherapy and counseling  
  •     Vocational Training and Employment  
  •     Regional differences in rehabilitation world perspective  
  •     Deinstitutionalization & Trans-institutionalization
  •     Community based rehabilitation  
  •     Disaster and Mental Health
  •     Future of Rehabilitation  
  •     Role of media in Rehabilitation  
  •     Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation – integration
  •     Substance use disorders
  •     Rehabilitation in major Psychiatric Disorders





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