WPA Section Chair | Conference Co-chair

Dear Colleagues,

As Chair of the Section on Psychiatric Rehabilitation of WPA it is a pleasure and an honour for me to welcome to WPA Thematic Congress being held at Abu Dhabi from 5-7 May 2023.
WPA Scientific Section on Rehabilitation Psychiatry is pleased organizing this meeting with the theme “Innovations in the treatment & psychosocial rehabilitation”. We are very much obliged to the regional psychiatric societies and other partners for their support for the orgnaisation of this important conference.
Psychiatric rehabilitation helps individuals with severe mental disorders to live a normal life in the community. Social relationships, work and leisure as well as quality of life and family burden are of major interest for those with mental illness living in the community. The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in numerous challenges for practice in psychiatry, and psychological burden after having experienced a Covid-19 infection poses a major challenge both for treatment as well as rehabilitation. Of course, other topics of interest including entire field of mental health will be considered during this important conference. Most recent research will be reported as well as issues of practice of psychiatry in low and middle income countries. Eminent researchers and clinicians from numerous countries will report from their findings.
The venue of the conference is in an area where Asia, Africa and Europe meet. This fosters the exchange of knowledge and ideas from all parts of the world.
Psychiatric care and especially psychiatric rehabilitation needs the close collaboration between various mental health professions. I am happy that this conference will support the exchange & communication between the different health professionals.
I am looking forward very much meeting participants from all parts of the world in Abu Dhabi!
Dr. Johannes Wancata
Chair of Section on Psychiatric Rehabilitation 
World Psychiatric Association (WPA)